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Lorg's Mission

Lorg Fine Art Printmakers is entering its next phase of development. Please be patient while update our website! For information on all news and events, please visit or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Lorg aims to enhance, encourage and support a stronger printmaking community in the West. Through the provision of an open access, professional printmaking workshop in Galway, Lorg will heighten the awareness of Printmaking as an accessible, unique and innovative art form. The Lorg workshop provides both emerging and established artists with the opportunity to make and exhibit their work and also to connect with other artists and community groups. Lorg recognises and promotes the role of art in creating opportunities for social inclusion, education and civic pride. Lorg supports this role through a series of regular outreach & community engagement projects and education programmes. Regularly organised member shows and training classes allow local printmakers to advance their artistic careers by expanding their knowledge of all printmaking processes, and providing them with the opportunity to sell their work. Lorg strives to collaborate with as many artists' studios and other arts organisations as possible, furthering members' contact and experience with the local, national and international art scene. This facility also serves to support the much celebrated status of Galway City and County as places of creativity and productivity.


Members' Artwork

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